4 Things to Remember When Choosing Royalty Free Music for Videos

Music plays an important role in your video. It’s a powerful tool to drive emotion and give emphasis to your message. That’s why it is important to choose the right royalty free music for videos. It is a tricky task, so here are 4 important things you need to remember when you are updating your website.

  • What do you want your audience to feel when they see your video? Do you want them to feel excited about a new product launch or warm and fuzzy with a customer’s testimonial? All these feelings have specific styles of music that evoke certain emotions. A great way to shop for songs is to split your skin. Play your video without sound on one screen and choose a song on another.
  • Song form & video form. Most pop songs have a standard structure, which consists of 4 to 5 parts. When picking a pop song that stylistically and emotionally fit your video, consider transitions. You need to make sure that the sound jives with your video’s narrative structure. When it comes to background music, you can loop sections of the song and repeat things as you see fit.
  • Avoid corny digital instruments. If you are looking for organic sounds such from acoustic guitars, piano and indie rock drums, make sure you find the real thing. Although high end, some digital versions of acoustic instruments feel corny and dated.
  • Keep background music in the background. Good background music, sometimes, is the music you don’t usually notice. If you are using a voiceover, it should not get in your way.

When choosing royalty free music for videos, keep these tips in mind. Finding the perfect fit for your project will be a lot easier. Every song has different emotional qualities. One may perfectly work with your video, while others may not. Thus, it is important that you choose wisely.

3 Tips for the Ultimate Cheap Stock Video Footage Buyer

You won’t fully appreciate cheap stock video footage until you need a cool skydiving clip or the aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef. Now, these won’t be a problem if you actually have the time and skills to create them – or if you are from Australia. So, what should you do if you do not have the time, money and skills to do capture these shots? Easy! Just grab you nearest computer and start searching for stock footage.

  • Know your budget. Like everything in the stock media industry, cheap stock video footage comes with a price. It varies from a one flat fee to a couple hundred dollars, depending on resolution and license. Other factors that may affect the price include how the footage was shot, the medium used to deliver it, where the location is, and what company you are purchasing it from. To make sure you don’t go beyond your budget, consider all these details.
  • Know what you need. If your project is on the web, buy a cheap stock video footage with a resolution for web purposes. Do not break the bank purchasing a higher resolution footage, unless it is the only available option. On the other hand, if you are not sure what resolution you need, we recommend getting an HD shot to save yourself from future headaches. Otherwise, get the resolution that best fits the specs of your project.
  • Know your rights. When dealing with cheap stock video footage, you need to be aware with copyright laws and the consequences of violating them. Just because you paid for the footage does not mean you get full rights to it. Make sure you read the fine print and find out if you got the right license.

Royalty-Free allows you to use the cheap stock video footage multiple times by paying a one-time fee. This means you do not have to pay for royalties every time you use the footage. The usage rights are fairly broad, but you should make sure that your desired usage is fully covered in the license agreement.

Rights-Managed works a bit differently that its royalty-free counterpart. It gives you the right to use the footage on a specific project at a specific venue and at a limited time. It is often more expensive because it usually offers top of the line video clips.

Do you need cheap stock video footage? Then, subscribe to a stock media agency that suits your creative needs and budget. Whatever subject you are looking for, it can probably be found. Now, you don’t have to worry about paying for skydivers or going to Australia to capture the shots you need. You have stock footage to save you all the time and money you need.